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Pets & People Together

At Together Mahendi, we believe pets and people belong together! It’s really that simple, three women bonded by their love of pets and desire to start something that matters, created Together Mahendi, an impact driven company, designing beautiful artisan pendants & tags that give back!

We heard stories of women not leaving abusive situations because they didn’t want to leave their pets behind. Then we discovered only 10% of all domestic abuse shelters across the country are pet-friendly. As pet lovers and women, we couldn’t imagine being forced to make that choice!

Can you imagine being faced with leaving part of your family, your children’s best friend, possibly your only source of comfort behind ... We couldn’t!!

We knew we needed to help. Our artisan pendants & dog tags were created to be a meaningful fashion statement for you & your pet. Each bronze pendant features our international symbol of protection and supports safe havens for pets and their people.

For Every $10 we sell, we donate $1 to RedRover, a non-profit that supports services to animals rescued from disasters or neglect, domestic violence victims seeking safety with their pets, and animals with life-threatening illnesses to keep pets and people together, where they belong.

Mahendi Symbol

What Does Your Symbol Mean?

Our symbol was adapted from an ancient talisman of protection
and serves as a constant reminder of our connection to each other
and responsibility to be the change we wish to see in the world.

What is your Mantra?

At Together Mahendi, we are very spiritual and believe that beginning our day with our mantra places us on the right path each day. The four points of our symbol are a constant reminder of the 4 "points" of our Mantra.

Clarity, Wisdom, Strength and Grace. Characteristics that form the guiding principles of our company. When making decisions or searching for guidance, we look to our mantra as a reminder of our values and purpose.

Clarity – Reminds us to focus clearly so we may be mindful of our surrounding to find and appreciate the "good" in every day!

Wisdom – Reminds us to use the wisdom from our personal experiences to have the insight we need to act upon our discoveries.

Strength – Reminds us to have the strength and confidence to recognize the opportunities to be the change we want to see in the world.

Grace – Reminds us to act with great intention and integrity always.